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Basic Parameters

  • Load capacity: 50kg
  • Travel: Standard travel options include 1800 and 2500
  • Speed: 0.01-0.6m/s
  • Acceleration: 0.1-1.5m/s^2
  • Precision: Repeated positioning accuracy of ±0.1mm
  • Position detection: Uses an absolute value encoder
  • Communication method: CanOpen/EtherCat communication protocol
  • Drive parameters: 1kW
  • Footprint: 460x750mm, height is related to travel
  • Versions: Different motor versions available such as Huichuan, LTI, and explosion-proof versions. Also, an independent version with a separate controller is available.


  • Heavy load: Load capacity of up to 50kg, can be mounted with multiple spray guns, and can also expand to mount a U-axis.
  • Large stroke: Strokes of 1800mm and 2500mm, automatically adjusted according to the workpiece needs.
  • Transmission principle and mounting portability: Adopts synchronous belt transmission, with high transmission positioning accuracy and low noise; mounted on both sides, with easy mounting and high expand-ability.


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