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ZEHENG ZA13-3280

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Basic Parameters

  • Load Capacity: 150kg (KSZA13-3280); 120kg (KSZA13-2000)
  • Travel Distance: 1000mm
  • Mounting Surface Height: 3280mm (KSZA13-3280), 2000mm (KSZA13-2000)
  • Speed: 0.01-0.4m/s
  • Acceleration: 0.1-1.5m/s^2
  • Precision: Repeated positioning accuracy of ±0.1mm
  • Position Detection: Absolute encoder
  • Communication Protocol: CANopen/EtherCAT
  • Drive Parameters: 3kw (KSZA13-3280), 2kw (KSZA13-2000)
  • Footprint: 650*900*4700mm; 650*900*3877mm


  • Heavy load: Able to mount many U-axis systems, both UA03 and UA04, in a linear fashion.
  • Large mounting surface range: Mounting surface heights of 3280mm and 2000mm, adaptable to workpiece height, capable of matching high workpieces with a single unit.
  • Transmission principle and mounting portability: Adopts synchronous belt transmission, with high transmission positioning accuracy and low noise; mounted on both sides, with easy mounting and high expand-ability.


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