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Basic Parameters

Load Capacity: 5kg per slider, can accommodate up to 3 sliders

Travel Distance: 2500mm (distance between the center of the top slider and the center of the bottom slider)

Speed: 0.01-0.7m/s

Acceleration: 0.1-1.5m/s^2

Precision: Repeated positioning accuracy of ±0.1mm

Position Detection: Rotary encoder or absolute encoder

Communication Protocol: CANopen/EtherCAT

Drive Parameters: 400w per slider

Footprint: 754*464*3500mm


  • High adaptability, flexible and versatile: Within the stroke range, up to 3 independent slide blocks (S) can be configured according to process needs.
  • Each slide block can carry 1-2 spray guns and perform independent spraying movements. The system is highly adaptable.


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