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Basic Parameters

Load Capacity: 20kg per slider, can accommodate up to 10 sliders on U-axis

Travel Distance: 3800/2800mm (distance between the center of the top slider and the center of the bottom slider)

Speed: 0.01-0.3m/s

Acceleration: 0.1-1.5m/s^2

Precision: Repeated positioning accuracy of ±0.1mm

Position Detection: Rotary encoder or absolute encoder

Communication Protocol: CANopen/EtherCAT

Drive Parameters: 400w per S

Footprint: 650*900*4700mm


High adaptability, flexible and versatile: Within the stroke range, any number of independent slide blocks (S) can be configured according to process needs. Each slide block can carry a U-axis and perform independent spraying movements. Especially when used in conjunction with KSUA03R and KSYT15, each slide block’s module can move up and down (S), move back and forth (U), rotate the spray gun (R), and follow motion (Y), providing high flexibility. This system is highly suitable for spraying complex large workpieces.


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