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Basic Parameters

Load Capacity: 20kg on one side

Stroke: Typically used in pairs with optional widths of 1200-2600 (customization is possible in special cases)

Rotation Speed: 0.1º-300º/s

Acceleration: 0.1-1.5º/s^2

Precision: Repeat positioning accuracy of ±0.1mm

Position Detection: Using a rotary encoder

Communication Protocol: Canopen

Drive Parameters: 400w

Footprint: 90x160mm, cantilever length is related to the extension into the powder room


  • Rotation axis load: Can install up to 20kg load on one side, with vertical cantilever of up to 6000mm.
  • Rotation axis: Can be installed in conjunction with KSZA15 reciprocator.
  • Transmission principle and mounting portability: Adopts synchronous belt transmission, with high transmission positioning accuracy and low noise; powder tubes extend from aluminum profiles (up to 4 spray gun powder tubes can be hidden, with additional external mounts), making mounting convenient.


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